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2015-14 University of Siena, MA
2014-12 Oslo National Academy of the Arts, MA
2013-12 Central Academy of fine Arts Beijing (exchange)
2012 Beijing Language and Culture University
2011 University of Lisbon (Erasmus student)
2010 Istituto de Lingua e Cultura Italiana, Firenze
2012-09 Oslo National Academy of the Arts, BA
2009-08 Einar Granum School of Fine Arts


2015 Stakkars oss, DOGA, Oslo
2014 Anuala de Sculptura si Grafica, Roman
2014 Abroad(cast), Oslo Kunsthavn, Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin
2014 Årsutstillingen, KODE, Bergen
2014 Gallery Chateauneuf
2014 A surviving relic from the Manufacture Era, Galleri Seilduken
2014 Oslo Open 2014 KhiO
2014 The ceramic object, Søylegalleriet
2014 Don’t eat this, 180 Degrees Galleri (solo show)
2014 Working like a Chinese worker,Ingensteds(solo show)
2013 Perfomance,  Gipsverkstedet
2013 Feetfulness 2, Galleri Seilduken
2013 Performance, Elvelangs
2013 Feetfulness 1, Gallery Storck, Oslo (solo show)
2012 Reciprocity, CAFA Gallery, Beijing
2012 Performance – Portrait of a Situation, Roma people
2012 100 portraits of Marte W. Goksøyr, Gallery Seilduken, Oslo
2012 The Leonard Cohen Project in Oslo, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2011 Workshop Oslo-Kabul (KhiO&Center for Contemporary Art Afganistan)
2011 Tapas sculpture, Gregersfestivalen, Oslo (solo show)
2011 Plums and other fruits, Elvelangs
2011 Portraits, Oslo Open, KhiO
2010 Happy familly, Vårgjeng, Sweden
2010 Manifesto for Portrait Activism, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2009 Bikes for everybody, Einar Granum School of Fine Arts, Oslo
2008 Playing Henrik Ibsen – performance, Oslo
2006 Via C, Roman

Artist residency

2013 Longqingxia Ice Sculpture Festival, Beijing, China
2012 The pottery workshop, Jingdezhen, China
2011 CENCAL, Caldas de Reihna, Portugal

Public comissions

2006 Via crucis, Roman, Romania

Artist-assistant jobs

2013 Assistent for Lotte Konow Lund, Vi lever på en stjerne, Oslo
2012 Assistent for Ole Lislerud , The wall is in your mind, Jingdezhen, China

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